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The UNC Men’s Glee Club is the oldest continually existing choral
organization on campus, with reports of performances dating back to at
least 1892. The group has provided high quality choral music experience
for literally thousands of alumni, many of whom serve or have served as
professional musicians, teachers and conductors around the nation, and
many more who have attained distinction in other fields outside of

The group has earned a reputation for distinguished performance of
the best music for men’s voices, and remains a popular musical choice
for students today with a current membership of 34 men. Its repertoire
is a widely-eclectic mixture of sacred and secular music in all styles
and from all periods. The group is currently conducted by Daniel M.

The Men’s Glee Club has been an integral part of campus life from
its inception. Indeed, the poetry for the familiar “Hark the Sound”,
Carolina’s well-known alma mater, was written by William Myers, a
second tenor from the group, and was first performed by the Glee Club
in 1897.

for all Music Department choral ensembles are held during the first week of the fall semester. They consist of the singing of America (My Country `Tis of Thee)
or a song of your choice, and a check for voice range and sight-reading
ability. All auditioning students will be placed in a choral ensemble
if possible.  Normally, membership in a choral ensemble is a year-long commitment, however, singers are often added at the beginning of the spring semester.  Audition sign-up sheets are posted outside of the Room 106, Person Hall, where the auditions are held.  For more information about the UNC Men’s Glee Club or the audition process, contact:

Dr. Daniel Huff
Music Department
CB # 3320, Hill Hall
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3320

(919) 962-1039